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Board Members


Directors of the Company during or since the end of the financial year together with details of qualifications and experience are as follows:

Greg Goodman (Chairman)

Chairman / Director of G&JA Goodman Pty Ltd TA Goodman Consulting.

Chairman & Director of Shellfish Culture Ltd. Formerly-Group Chief Executive Officer of RACT and Director of RACT Insurance 12yrs,

Self employed for 12yrs retail and commercial sales, warehousing and logistics. Banking and Finance 20yrs.

Charles Kemp  (Deputy Chairman)
BCom, DipEd, Grad.Cert. in RE, MEd, GAICD

Experience in Retail Operations, Corporate IT Management and Business Education.

Susan Allison-Rogers


Managing Director of own company since 1991, experience in R&D, retail, wholesale, manufacturing, import and export, IP and licensing.

Robert Rex

Ex Manager for Melbourne stockbroking firm R.O. Williams, Tolhurst & Co, partner Philatelic Firm Rex & Fair (Melbourne) 20 years.
St Michaels’ Collegiate ex Board member and Family Property & Financial interests in Hobart.


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